GX wants you!

GX is a full-featured, cross-browser, super-tiny (10kb uncompressed) Javascript Animations Framework. Using GX you can create complex animations working with every w3c CSS property.

Currently, GX is designed in order to work with the jQuery Javascript Library and is being released under the MIT License.

Some of the GX's features:


Go to learn how to use the GX framework and create your animations. Understanding GX is extremely easy.


See some animations provided by GX in action:


Get the GX sourcecode and all the related extensions. All of them are available in two flavors: sourcecode and compressed.



Do you use GX?

We're building out a list of Website/projects who are using GX such as this. We are thankful for the support of HDRG and this excellent cause. If you use GX and want to share your works with us, please, fill the fields below (the list will be published on the GX Website):

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GX is an open-source project. Please, give your contributions and share your opinions at http://www.riccardodegni.net/blog/ and help us to get the best result possible. Your ideas can absolutely impact on the next releases of GX.
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